LED vs LCD: Which TVs in 2016 are the best bang for your buck?

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lcd-vs-led-tv-guideEver asked yourself which is the best TV in the market? Have you got it yet or you have got to keep on searching? How will you know which the best is and which criteria are you going to use? I ask myself the same too. With plasma and LCD TVs coming out left, right and center, capable of HDTV, it’s dizzying trying to keep up with the advances. Every company claims that they have the best TV.

I have been on lookout trying to find the best TV, and here’s what I think so far; Plasma technology is in my opinion the most advanced technology on the market as of today, however am not sure they are the best TVs. First of all, they are riddled with all sorts of technological issues from what I’ve been able to conclude. Of course the manufacturer doesn’t really want you to know that, but from reading materials and other sources of information, they have a life expectancy of maybe 5 years utmost. Plasma TVs are probably the best when it comes to picture quality, but this has to be weighed against their still enthusiastic price tag, and low life span. Though they maybe not the best TVs, but they have the best combination of comfort and affordability.

led-tvIn the near future though, LCD technology is going to be a sort of standard for both televisions and monitors, which may lead to the conclusion that most TVs will in fact be made using LCD technology. In comparison to the good old CRT TV which works great, are tried and tested, and always very affordable, though with not the best image quality; the money saved can be used to acquire a much bigger TV. After all is said and done, the best television is the one that meets your needs better than any other.

Here, you will find a list of the top three best TVs:

1. LG 50PV450

The first and cheapest TV in our list is the LG 50PV450. This 50-inch plasma TV costs only $749 and up at various online stores. If you don’t really care about 3D and only want a big screen with fantastic picture quality for less than $800, then get the LG 50PV450. This HD TV gives you a stunning 1080p HD picture and an intelligent sensor that dims and brightens the screen for you based on the ambient light in the room. It also has plenty of picture settings that you can adjust to get the picture quality that you want.

2. Panasonic TC-P50ST30

If you want a big TV that also supports 3D, then check out the Panasonic TC-P50ST30. This 50-inch plasma TV is probably the best TV Under $2000 in our list that has 1080p 3D support. According to reviews, the picture quality of the Panasonic TC-P50ST30 is one of the best in the market today. This 3D plasma TV also includes a Wi-Fi adapter that gives you access to Viera Connect and Internet apps such as Amazon Video on Demand, Twitter, Facebook, HuluPlus, YouTube, and Netflix. You can get a Panasonic TC-P50ST30 for $979 and up at online stores such as Amazon.

3. Sony BRAVIA KDL55NX720

If you don’t like plasma TVs and prefer an LED TV that performs almost as well as a plasma TV, then try the Sony BRAVIA KDL55NX720. This 55-inch LED HDTV has a price tag of $1,749 and up at various online stores. It has 1080p 3D support and bright LED backlighting for better picture quality in bright rooms.

While this list is no way complete, these are just a few recommendations for people looking to buy a TV this holiday season. You may also want to looking to alternative TVs that are available for you to rent before you buy.