Secrets To Finding Your Wedding Photographer In Chicago

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Your wedding day should be a day full of friends, family, laughs, and maybe a little bit of nervousness. On the actual day when you get married, all of your preparation and planning should allow you to sit back and not worry about the small stuff. However, the prep work in finding venues, vendors, accessories, and the general planning of the wedding day could drive a bride batty!

Selecting most vendors requires that both time and place come together as one. You need your desired venue to be available on the same date as your caterer, photographer, DJ/band, florist, etc… Aside from the timing and coordination, you need to find one of each of those vendors from a very wide variety of packages, prices, and offers!! So how do you pick? In the following I will outline some general rules and ideas for selecting your Wedding Day Photographer.


Friend With A Camera
I just mentioned above that one of the things you need to select a ‘wedding day photographer’ but that’s only partially true. What you need to find is someone who gets to know both you and your fiance. What exactly does that mean? Capturing beautiful and moving images which bring tears of joy to your eyes do not only come from the photographer. They come from within you…and it’s the responsibility of the photographer to then capture those fleeting moments…a look, a touch, a wink, or a smile which only a handful of people understand the true meaning of. That’s where the difference comes into play between a photo which just looks good, and one which speaks volumes to the viewer, and they can see the true emotion behind the image. To accomplish this, you absolutely MUST know and trust your photographer. They should be more than just “your photographer” but should instead be someone who you can consider a friend and establish a rapport with.

Once you go into the $2500-$5000 area of the market, this is where the bulk of your stable and established studios are where you will begin finding unique albums, creative images, multiple photographers and assistants working on your wedding, and additional items in your packages such as wedding albums and engagement sessions which are already included. This is a bit of a stretch if your budget is $1000 for a photographer, but it all depends on how important your photographs are to you. If they are crucial, then you have to factor in what the investment is over the course of years and years which you will enjoy your images and not just as a one-time cost.

When you break above the $5000 mark and go into the $10,000 range, at this point your photographers should have a unique look which you are seeking to have your memories. Their customer service is second to none, and you will are guaranteed nothing short of a world-class experience.

Customer Service
Your wedding day is yours. It’s not that of the photographer, DJ, or anyone else. It’s a time for you and your friends and family to have an amazing experience. With that in mind, my responsibility as a photographer is to make sure that the images which are delivered to you either bring the biggest smile to your face or tears of joy (if you’re the teary kind of gal or guy). It is critical for a photographer to listen and respond to their client so that their needs are met. Remember that I am there for you as a professional and you should not only be able to put your full trust in me that the entire team will get the job done, but that it will be done to your expectations.

Photography is something which is far from a job and much closer to being a passion. It’s something which I and other professional wedding photographers take very seriously. The day after your wedding the flowers and food are gone, and the guests have gone home…the venue is hosting a different event. That one day of shared excitement, nervous smiles, laughs, and memories will all be captured in your photographs for you to enjoy and pass down from generation to generation.

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