Things You Must Do When Visiting NYC

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nyc-things-to-doWhen planning a trip to New York City, there are so many things to do NYC to consider. Things to do NYC are endless, but some really fun things pop into my mind. Lets talk about the must see things to do NYC while on your vacation to New York City such as: the Empire State Building, Central Park, the Metropolitan Museum, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Staten Island, Radio City Music Hall, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Bronx Zoo, just to name a few.

First off when planning things to do NYC, make sure you visit the Empire State Building. The Empire State Building has such an incredible view of New York City. You will be amazed by all that you can see from the top of the Empire State Building. Half of the fun of the Empire State Building is the elevator ride to the top! You have to scale more than 102 floors to reach the top of the Empire State Building!

Some fun things to do NYC include visiting Central Park and the Bronx Zoo. Central Park is the most famous park in the United States and it has a lot of fun tings to offer. During the winter there are two ice rinks in Central Park and during the summer there is a swimming pool. There are always activities going on at the Central Park for everyone to enjoy. The Bronx Zoo is another fun things to do with family when planning things to do NYC.

new-york-cityTimes Square is one of the most famous places in New York City. Times Square is filled with lights, restaurants, shopping, hotels, and fun things to do. Make sure you visit Times Square at night to get the full effect of how incredible it really is. Close to Times Square in downtown Manhattan, you should visit the Rockefeller Center. Rockefeller Center is the home of NBC studios and you can go on a studio tour and see where the TV shows are filled. At Rockefeller Center they even have a very famous ice rink that everyone in New York City loves to visit.

New York City is known for its performing arts and performing arts are some of the best things to do NYC. Broadway offers some of the best performing arts in the world. Also, Radio City Music Hall is one of the oldest Performing arts centers in New York City. Fun things to do NYC would include seeing the Christmas spectacular at the Radio City Performing Arts center if you are in New York around Christmas time and taking photos next to the massive Christmas tree.

If you are looking for fun things to do NYC and are an art lover, then you are in for a real treat. New York City offers some of the best art museums in the world. Definitely visit the Metropolitan Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Guggenheim while in New York City.

New York City really has endless options of fun things to do NYC. Before you travel to New York City and plan things to do NYC, make sure you do some research. It is important to read reviews online of the different fun things to do NYC. For example if you are looking for reviews of the best things to do NYC, try searching “things to do NYC” and your results will be endless. Have a fun time in New York City and planning things to do NYC. New York City will never disappoint!